Walking thru the mist

I am walking thru a long stretch of trees and and Im not sure why im doing it, I have a strong sense im being led there, by whom it is yet to be revealed. Im certain I must go there, and yet I do not know why I must take this journey, the feeling that Im being guided is very strong.

I wake in a cold sweat, it was just a dream, I reassure myself!

I have this dream time and time again it starts the same and ends slightly different.

I do not believe that therapist have the key to your psychi, no they more resemble a parrot who repeats everything you say and embelish with either, "I understand" or "why do you think this happens" with all these text book therapist out there that are quick to take your money and are nuttier than a fruit cake themselves. They like to over medicate you so your daze and confused, as they are. I wonder who really goes to them still?

I believe my dreams have meaning, that they are a representation of what is happening or what is to happen, they give me insight not slutions. You make your own decision of what you dreams mean you might think its indigestion, playing havoc as you sleep. Whatever one believes if it harms none and in aids you threw your life, then so be it,.. blessed dreams or disturbing ones might move you to act and move in different ways unlike what you might have done otherwise without them.

I know this, because I have these type of dreams on a daily basis, I wanted to keep a notebook next to my bedside, you remember good old paper and pen, I am guilty I had one at one time and thought to myself people will think Im mad if they read this so I stopped. Well is this any better I dont know, but i'll give it a try.

There might be a chance that this reality the one in the light of day is stiffiling, choking me, in a cloud so deep and thick thats hard to see or breath, let alone exist in harmony with everything or anyone around me, and in dreams is when I can trully see who I am or should be and clearly see who should be along side of me, my "soulmate" if such a concept is wrightfully phrased, to have someone know you as well as you know yourself, could I be imagining all of this "I feel like Alice".

I see him, even smell him, I feel his breath aginst my skin, the taste of him on my lips, his warm hands aginst my cold hands it comforts me to know his warmth is waiting for me in dreams. The cruelty is when I wake again I feel lost and alone my friend, is my small room and tiny bed how I ache to fall asleep, in my tiny bed, it seems I yearn for this every day of my waking life.

It is the next day 6-6-2010 and my savior, deliverer of good did not come last night